Saturday, January 07, 2006


So, my family has been bugging me (or "encouraging" me) to start doing more writing. Never mind that I do it 8+ hours a day at work, but I guess they wanted a little something extra that wasn't actually copyrighted and as boring as hell.

I've been toying with the idea of writing down some stories I have, and Ray (my husby) suggested that I start small with a blog. I thought it was a good idea, but I wondered where I should start.

And that's when I thought of doing COD (catch of the day).

I spend a lot of time walking my two dogs, Buster and Gracie. Gracie is almost 8 years old; Buster is almost 4. While I walk with them, I must admit I talk to them too. I often refer to Buster as my "Junkyard Dog", because he was a little wild thang when we got him at the Humane Society, used to finding his way through the world on his own. While most of his instincts for finding his way home or staying away from danger are fairly retarded, he is amazingly adept at finding food. I have seen him look at a black garbage bag on the curb, walk up to it, dart at it with his face, and pull back with a chicken bone in his mouth. The precision of the removal was amazing, and barely a hole was left in the bag.

Over the last few months, my sweet little dog has found many disgusting things to eat. It started to be a daily thing, thus I began listing in my head "Buster's Catch of the Day". The day after Christmas was a nice looking t-bone which made him giddy. The next day, he found a cupcake on the curb, already minus the icing. Unfortunately I didn't get that soon enough, and he ate it wrapper and all. The following evening the COD was a half-eaten taquito, which Gracie snatched away from him. Every day is an adventure for them.

And every day is an adventure for me. Most days are very busy, but with a bit of will power I might turn this into a habbit. If it entertains, hooray. If not, it will be the lost journals of a girl named Kara, who bored us with her own catch of the day.