Saturday, March 11, 2017

The rabbits and the white room

A story by Kara Church, around age 9, transposed 40 years later, original spelling and grammar intact, by her husband.

The rabbits and the white room.

Once and still at this very moment there lives three rabbits. They are unlike most rabbits because they talk so the are very gifted indeed. They are not bad and they live in a little cottage. Now that I've told you a little bit about them I will start the story.

"Gretchen, said Frodo, do you want to go for a little walk with me." "Alright, said Gretchen. Were going out for little walk Maggie."

So they went out and were playing in the woods when Gretchen asked Frodo if he knew the way back. Then he said he wasn't paying any attention to where they were so they decided to go back to sleep. In the middle of the night the woke up to the sound of talking. They were very quiet wating to see what the were saying. "Jack, what will we do with the loot," said one of them. "Hide it a place where no man exept us can find it, said Jake." Gretchen and Frodo where scared half out of there wits. They ran off then got back to sleep. When Maggie noticed the time she started to worry. She said if they didn't come back by morning they would have to search for them. After they didn't come home Maggie and Fippler went off into the woods to find there brother and sister. I just so happens that they found them still sleeping so they decided to take more of a rest to. All of a sudden they woke up and it was totaly white and sparkly everywhere. Then after they finished staring the yelled happilly for seeing each other again. Now it was a big grass field with apples and corn and everything rabbits would ever wish to have. They were all scared but Tippler decided to enjoy himself. He ran all around eating apple cores and greeens. Then everyone joined in. The had so much fun! Then Maggie thought about how the would get back to the woods. They they all smiled because what appeard was there old home in that wonderful land of reen and guess who came out of the house. There mother and father then they figured out what happend. The robbers killed them and the were in the land of God.
The End!